Body Rock 2012 - GRV’s set for Sharon Higgins

Nearly one year ago, Sharon Higgins, a loving member of the dancing community, family and friend to many, died in a car crash on the way home from rehearsal one night.  This tragic accident was a devastating blow into the hearts of many, and even today we continue to mourn the loss of a loved dancer, friend, best friend, sister, and daughter.  Yet, her death was not in vain; bringing the community together, we have learned to never take each other for granted, to appreciate all of life’s blessings, to cherish every moment both good and bad, to take every second to grow as good people, to continue to strive towards our goals and passions, and to, above all else, put family first. 

Love one another, never take anyone for granted, forgive each other for our wrong doings….life is too short to waste.  This set is for Sharon, and no other set that GRV ever does from this moment on, I believe, will ever have THIS form of impact on it’s dancers and the community than what was displayed last Saturday night. 

GRV’s goal this night was NOT to place, but to use dance as a form of expression to show the love that Sharon had for the world, and that we had for Sharon.  It’s not about placing, but dancing for those that you love and for those that touch your heart.  GRV succeeded in all of these aspects, showing San Diego that night that while during competition season we may dance all hard, when it comes down to it, FAMILY COMES FIRST.

Thank you, GRV. Thank you, Sharon Higgins <3 I was privileged to have gotten to dance with you while I was still on GRV. To believe that it’s already been one full year….it’s all…surreal…

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    We miss you Sharon!
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  3. soopac said: omg i crieddddddddddddddddddddd so beautiful!
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    I didn’t know Sharon personally, but this is a incredibly deep and touching performance. Breathtaking to say the least....
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    One of my favorites of the night. I’m sure Sharon is proud.
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    ohmygawddd. teared up watching this. RIP Sharon.. You are loved.
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    Watching this… I teared up and cried a little. It was breath-taking and simply too amazing to be put into words to...
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